Mittwoch, Mai 14, 2008

Encyclopedia of continental women writers

Da in vielen Nachschlagewerken à la "Frauen im Literaturbetrieb nach 1945" nichts über Jeannie Ebner verzeichnet ist, war ich umso überraschter, einen ganzseitigen Eintrag in der "Encyclopedia of continental women writers", herausgegeben von Katharina M. Wilson und erschienen 1991 bei St. James Press, zu finden: "Jeannie Ebner is a good illustration of the difficulty Austrian writers have in gaining recognition. An accomplished translator, the successful editor of a prestigious literary journal, and the author of several outstanding volumes of poetry and prose fiction, only recently has she come to be widely known and respected outside of Austria (...) Ebner has achieved prominence in three important areas, as a translator, editor, and author of belletristic works. In her prose fiction the female protagonists are faced with the problems - practical and existential - of modern life. Without minimizing the seriousness of the problems, Ebner consistently, if by no means pervasively, suggests that experience can be a teacher and a measure of equiibrium can be attained" (S. 360).

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